Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New York with five big oil painting auction house Bonhams, Christie 's, Doyle

Asia week in New York with five big oil painting auction house Bonhams, Christie 's, Doyle, iGavel, Sotheby's' s level as well as 15 national art gallery and Asian cultural institutions and mutual assistance. Asia week in New York will be open to the cadre charge oil paintings, and render the chinaware, jewelry, fabric, painting, sculpture, such as green call phone, prints, photographs and jade.
Joan b. Mirviss gallery will be displayed on the Asian art week titled "upstream of Japanese art permanent: 40 anniversary celebration", pay attention to this ceramic art, exhibition focus on painting the glockenspiel, Japan suzuki, representatives of the sculpture. Through unremitting, suzuki created a cure to the traditional and the modern scene glaze of feldspar (a creamy white glaze color). His pottery to the wall is very thick, the firing time is very long, slow cooling process, thus can form a kind of very specific modernity and flowing. His work the necessity of oil painting to buy oil painting be mothballed in the market, in 1994 he became the glaze ceramic second level all the literary world.
In the shooting range of artists for this acquisition:
Meditate on the hall gallery (Kaikodo) exhibition titled "Milky Way", which will display five contemporary works, three into the oil painting series printed ink two for contemporary photography works. It is worthy of deposit as soon as possible is a Chinese artist jian-wu luo 2013 sandalwood, this work is arc shape printed ink painting works. Jian-wu luo currently living living in Beijing, to commemorate the ancient trees and work for them.
Two western contemporary artist's paintings, Lichtenstein (Roy Lichtenstein) and Robert Lawson, berg (Robert Rauschenberg), they all learn from Chinese art, and the border into the art of magic words themselves.
New York Asian art week will attract oil painting art from all over the world treasure house, curators, artists and art preference is to come. New York art week 2017 always bear a person Lark Mason said: "pinyin in the annual art can we feel very proud. New York Asian art week thick culture, and brought a lot of national level of Asian art exhibition of oil paintings, the quantity of the exhibition can in any a top exhibition gallery space."
Laurence Miller gallery will be taken to Japan beigua shibata sensitive male's work, he works in the picture famous oil painting will be modern facilities and harmony with traditional Japanese garden city, Taiwan, Hong Kong and macau, in the past 30 years of oil painting, he devoted to balance with the natural sight in the wild. He took a lot of wild foundation facilities such as DAMS, sluices, water channel, from the magic Japan crime watch DengCheng, the ordinary into the lyric at ordinary times, the steel and cement into the abstract.
Pace gallery will bring South Korea artists painting lee ufan's solo exhibition "ceramics", this is the first time the artist to the glory of arts and held solo exhibition. As an artist who has 50 years of career, lee ufan creation in 2016 of "positive" series expressed his brush strokes that strong control force, permeated in his works of painting equipment put philosophy thinking. This exhibition of sculpture and installation works, paintings and drawings from him the memory of the guggenheim museum in 2008, he was at the palace of Versailles in 2014 solo exhibition, as well as other overseas exhibitions.
Carole Davenport gallery art week in New York was tabled exhibition of oil painting "at the moment", Then Now), everything in the Japanese sculptor late rice hao line four pieces. Number HaoHang with its sculpture in the drive and round shape accurately known simple and crude, give the stone to spirits, his sculpture represents the time, space and flow of the universe. Recently he will keep Japan and Italy to protect oil painting sculpture, assemble many besides er on the quay, and there are Japan, China, South Korea, Germany and the United States of collectors.
New York Asian art week will be held on March 9 to 18, 10 days. Several top galleries in the classical works of art will also debut of modern art, there are some oil painting gallery dedicated to contemporary art.
Other exhibition Gallery and not to be missed: Dag Modern, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd., FitzGerald, Fine Arts, Robert Hall canvas Asian Art, Ltd., HK Art & Antiques LLC, Kang Collection Korean Art, Onishi Gallery, Erik Thomsen, and Y EWN oil painting.plane in four to five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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