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For the general public, not just for painting Art practitioners are not even a familiar concept

In 1993, when Sandy Smith (Sandy Smith) founded 10-year Art Fair (Outsider Art Fair), "10-year Art" (Outside Art) for the general public, not just for Art practitioners are not even a familiar concept. Though sometimes 10-year art is considered to be the creation of those people with mental illness, and some of these artists do can also be attributed to one of them, but the expansion of the international art exposition will be the more widely, and pointed out that "the main characteristic of 10-year art is creator his lack of understanding of art history, as well as to the art world trend of training."
Now, with the 25th 10-year art fair opening (January 19-22), the self-taught artists became the best part of the art world. It also shows to the audience at the same time a large number of despise the oil painting work of inherent genre, and even more incredible, these works also has a its own very active trading market.
The exhibition centre is used to display fair history, by Edward m. Gomez curator, which mainly show the 9 1993 veteran exhibitors, including: Chicago Carl Hammer galleries (Carl Hammer Gallery), Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia and New York Luise of Ross Gallery. The special planning of the exhibition entitled "10-year art fair: the 25th anniversary of the". This small show certainly will present enough to show 25 years history of 25 major works, one which is already appear in after each session of international art exposition.
The show will focus on presenting a by artist Moshe Zephaniah coloring composed chalk and pencil sketches. And it is also the first time this year in Texas Webb gallery of new artists, all of his works in his last year was out of the apartment live in Denver are all thrown away.
Moshe Baronestrevenakowske, "untitled". Images: thanks Webb gallery
Moshe Baronestrevenakowske, "untitled". Images: thanks Webb gallery
Luckily, he that is full of spiritual drawings were picked up from the dustbin, and through a local dealer stuck. Nowadays, Moshe has built up a new home and workshop, through the art behind the agent support, he is likely to become the next artist like Thornton (Thornton Dial) through 10-year art as a huge success stories.
Although in the history of the art fair runs through many stories, but as time goes on, it also has changed a lot. In 2012, the art agent Andrew aldrin (Andrew Edlin) and began his company Wide Open Arts acquired 10-year art fair. He also have their own expectations to the fair, including: in the second half of next year Paris version of its art fair, continues to erode already very fuzzy, the self-taught artist, the boundaries between the contemporary and modern artists.
Lucy - Mingo, "untitled (1947). Images: thank you, Lucy Mingo/ARS, New York
Lucy - Mingo, "untitled (1947). Images: thank you, Lucy Mingo/ARS, New York
Wide Opend Art in the international Art exposition of the also have a belong to your booth, and showed the focus from Alabama Gee 's Bend of female artists, the community has a lot of the seed of the quilt of custom oil painting factory workers in the 20th century. Because such background and tradition, the female artist, feed bags, or his old clothes and fabrics made from clastic fabrics, through their own design, production is amazing in abstract geometrical design mainly arts and crafts.
Thank you with Souls Grown Deep foundation (an African-American created art foundation) donations in 2014, the part of the production by the community special quilt has now become a part of the New York metropolitan museum collections. Part of the sales income in addition, the international art exposition will donative charity God 's Love We Deliver (this is a New York suffer from the serious illness of providing food group)

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