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continue to be a hardness famous oil painting promote civilization establishment

Country during the two oil painting sessions in shandong, the inheritance and development programs to deal with the implementation of the quality square cultural insights "has officially declared. Follow the quintessence of bumps, people of painting and calligraphy art careful will also grows day by day, a lot of people will become the new collection. Presuming the masses will be painting and calligraphy calligraphy and painting market share of large displacement energy consumption. Renovation of painting and calligraphy art and prosperous into the new era.
On before end of shandong CPPCC, the reporter interviewed on painting and calligraphy art investment title issues in shandong province CPPCC, chairman of shandong artists association zhi-min zhang, he said: investment in painting and calligraphy art is GuYuan endless things, don't like oil painting reproductions stocks, the car makes substantial economic influence is big, the calligraphy and painting art is easy to receive, is not only passing on later generations, more important is to value.
Calligraphy and painting has been the concern of the official capital investment spine, a daughter-in-law said, shandong painting and calligraphy investment situation in previous years are now in the market downturn, but the current is a good chance to into the painting and preservation market.
New in 2017, the calligraphy and painting to build industry have good movement, released on January 4, civilization of announced for the civilization of the list of the key laboratory of notice, approval "painting and calligraphy care" and other 12 key practice room for second antique Ming department key practice room.
In previous years, shandong painting two sessions proposed government task mud, will continue to be a hardness famous oil painting promote civilization establishment, slow culture makes the transformation and upgrading, calligraphy and painting goods production as a part of the culture property, also was the love of a good social environment, home when after the break of the past few years a small amount of a bumper year, from the bottom rebound, truly see dawn.
Have the teal thought, follow people travel career chute endlessly, pillar mouth is more and more rich at the same time, also more and more high to the requirement of energy life living. Rated is after 80, 80 after this group of highly experienced new YiDai years old man, they are then tributary of social economy and the consumer. Then China's family will be more cultural and artistic appreciation of RMB has been decorated survival, so art and calligraphy and painting works will demand is very big, painting and calligraphy art investment into the legal.
Zhi-min zhang also appeared: the desire to shandong blood, investors, cherish, caring good painting and calligraphy in shandong market, artists, investment abroad don't have a "foreign monks to chant buddhist scripture" error of understanding, don't know the total home, staring at the provincial and Beijing is, in fact, because of the interval, don't understand, plus some hype, just emerging artists outside the province a YinNiu painting is hard to find. End up on the shandong many artists reporter is very high, whether investors painting artists as usual don't walk into the mesa "outside the tracery wall inside the wall sweet", shandong time as big provinces of calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting market requires each joint escort, more keen to government and involvement of industrial products may give money, indeed in the approval.
A civilization of jinan market mix in more than 20 years of calligraphy and painting operations veteran report reporter, painting and calligraphy art no longer like the past cars, villa is the symbol of high order and the rich, has entered the livelihood of the home at ordinary times. Painting and calligraphy art has become a general yen home building. Is more public, such as assembly hall, office, restaurant, foreign minister of science and technology, strong, playground, etc., come to a gentleman of painting and calligraphy and art decoration performance, a few years back filled with determination of painting and calligraphy works investment in the future.
In the art world, there are "Beijing is the country, shandong, Beijing, 'said. Shandong art market is it doesn't matter is in the national calligraphy and painting market, the industry to accurately measure, every year in shandong to the art market funds for billions of yuan, calligraphy and painting, antiques, porcelain, jade, such as the scale and volume of the art market, at the top in the country. Is very modern calligraphy and painting market, accounted for 50% 60% of the country's market share in shandong, shandong became a national painting and calligraphy forms strong to painting.
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