Tuesday, March 7, 2017

only oil painting to find the system cannot operation, money is not come, feel bad Shi Juan consult friends realize

A new way of fraud emerge in endlessly, do you think the "regular channels" fry stamps, perhaps already falling into a liar trap. Chongqing woman Shi Juan (a pseudonym) from September last year began to learn to fry stamps collection online, but has been losing money, she want to spend the rest of $4000 in February, only oil painting to find the system cannot operation, money is not come, feel bad Shi Juan consult friends realize that might have been defrauded, after she dialed 110 call.
23 solstice Shi Juan told police in September 2016 on November 4, if this time her stamp collection has been tricked.
Shi Juan live Yubei District detours on a village, in September 2016, two people add Shi Juan on QQ. They built a group on the net, called Shi Juan people into classes, such as how to fry stock, fry stamps, Shi Juan rally saw is very good, decided to take money to fry stamps.
According to the requirements of the other party Shi Juan uploaded id photos, the other with Shi Juan id for citic bank card for her, Shi Juan as required on the phone to download the other sending one is called "a collection center" to install the software, in this oil painting reproductions system, like buy and sell stocks, buying and selling stamps.
Shi Juan observed a period of time, she saw that time stamp in a group of up badly, tempted she put money in succession, and putting the cash into each other open of China citic bank account for her, and then the other will be transferred to the money inside the account to the platform. The other call Shi Juan buying and selling, she operation according to the requirements of each other.
On September 23, 2016, on September 28, on September 29, on October 27, November 4 Shi Juan respectively transfer deposit amount is 1000 yuan respectively, 1000 yuan, 30000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 30000 yuan, a total of 44000 yuan. From September to November this a few months time, Shi Juan are in accordance with the requirements for each operation, but always at a loss, fry has left more than 6000 yuan at the end of the system. Some time ago Shi Juan also from the system transfer 2000 yuan, but in recent days Shi Juan detection system can't operation, she found that might have been custom oil painting defrauded after asking friends.
Police analysis, it is because the Shi Juan from platform took out 2000 yuan of money, cheat think she had already see through fraud, in order not to let Shi Juan taking out the rest of the money, then froze Shi Juan operating system in the background and stay in the platform. Liar to Shi Juan a collection center platform system should be cheats to virtual operating system.
YuBei police remind the general public online and collecting stamps (ticket), futures risk, investment need to be careful, people should to the formal finance and investment securities institutions, must not hearsay, trusting others cheated.
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