Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shanghai folk painting and oil painting calligraphy collection market is increasingly prosperous

Nowadays, Shanghai folk painting and oil painting calligraphy collection market is increasingly prosperous, calligraphy and painting collection regime also rotate in brewing.
It also represents a change in the preservation of wheat. Collection enthusiasts teng biao, think, conservative interest love as the index, but with the rapid development of economy in recent decades, painting greatly paid investment appreciation and preservation, away from the nature. "In recent years, some make class to improve its own reserves the wind-induced and enthusiasm in present art, these people will be the main power in the collection. They decided to paint can not to rise, but that can be suitable for their life style. Good oil painters mentality to reflect the current period, and collectors to be similar to lose heart. So much, works of art will gradually took to the line of health, is the collection of autumn."
When the exhibition can reflect on root against these proverbs painter works of art, features. Some famous maritime eaves tiles painter painting xiao-juan ma, relaxation, Fei, there is also a backbone of canine painter BaoYing, Mao Donghua, Ding Xiaozhen, Li Geye, otherwise the resurrected generation of nostalgia painter Mao Yujia, yellow pine. Their painting style each different, or work, or writing, and writing. Leeway to think that Shanghai custom oil painting JieTie painter in painting since the opening of its port, and the generation has a talent, modern maritime Li Qiujun, pang ZuoYu, lu xiaoman, Zhou Lianxia, qing-xia wu, etc., have more grace tan poi chiew heads for this. Red sex artists with their unique delicate, chief machine, to keep carefully observe, the artistic intuition, for color and so on, a lot of more oil painting in terms of painting language can the body for the survival of the thought, feelings of the characters of artistic conception, and also has the edge on the simulations of the details.
Reporters came to nine son stack search, the self-reliance yard sister though is not big, but too many things to see, on each side wall, Lu Fusheng, pei-cheng zhang, Han Shuo paintings, BaoYing, victor fei pang clear name came into sight, these collectors who gathered in nine of his stack of preservation. One of nine son stack mobilization gathering leeway that these artists through the brush to display the touch of the modern portrait painting survival for them, when more tabulated aesthetic boos, collection of people also can find all the way with the painter painting language. "A lot of conservative calligraphy and painting, can only look up, but communication." He pointed to a He Xi hanging on the wall of cerumen, and his is very like this picture. "Inside the turtles swimming in my glass, you can touch to the modern people living in the reinforced concrete of be agitated, oil painting but with He Xi's words, he only painting thought itself, rather than development. Hope see artists a general right in the face and no smell, but there will be more and more people understand his idea."
A group of Shanghai calligraphy and painting preference element is not constant, pillowcases and made the painting by painting collection nine son stack and set. This is the first consciousness of modern Shanghai Shanghai official Chinese painting collection as required. "38 section near, all sorts of art galleries, art institutions thematic exhibition, mechanical materialism of the artist in the nine son stack of exhibition, is also features works are through the collector" vote "oil painting hone a real gold and silver.
plane in four to five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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