Sunday, March 12, 2017

many French people and oil painting reproductions artists by the soul of China painting hui, hiding in succession

Especially provoking interested target, the oil painting exhibition and the Sharon digital artists exhibition, from China and Europe in this week-long art festival ChiYu art collectors, curators, critics and European galleries of many high level exchanges and close interval approximation, show the Chinese art of this high level, bring fresh for the world-class art salon "in the emperor", also shut down the Chinese art of foreign new mileage.
Every year of the grand palais in Paris four salon exhibition (Art Capital) by self-reliance salon exhibition, compare the salon exhibition, exhibition and French artist painting salon exhibition, is one of the world's most influential foreign Art exhibition, held every spring. Salon exhibition in 2016 due to causes such as grand palais exhibition hall decoration, postponed to February 14, 2017 was unveiled. The exhibition city each year from the world of art, the art of cement plant, spider and his fans with preservation, etc. Tens of thousands of people to enjoy. Many people familiar with the art masters such as van gogh, monet, Renault, Cezanne, etc have been in this exhibition showcasing keratinization, and start the path to "red" in the international art market.
In this exhibition, many French people and oil painting reproductions artists by the soul of China painting hui, hiding in succession. Have people told reporters: "let's happy about see art from China, the exhibition of Chinese paintings is a higher artistic level, embodies the Chinese present art of the defunct dynasty and natural instinct, longed to see more in the future in the 'bliss'." Painting the old young artists in the Chinese entrants kingson brought his work at Paris. When it comes to the the exhibition of painting works, he shows: "the event new lesson is called" entropy ", is the latest in the series, expect ShiBian expand interdisciplinary art dimensions from philosophical Angle, from the Angle of art, considering the relationship between human and technology." When it comes to the current sea internalization of Chinese custom oil painting art, kingson: "for years to come, the inevitable with more and more overseas Chinese art market recognition, and the contrast salon chairman Paul alex invited Chinese delegation participating again indicate the attention of the European art of Chinese artists and art. In addition, the exhibition by the Paris salon is to supply resemble each other in the world artist and academic exchanges with a broad stage. Frequency over the years, Chinese art position of collecting stage, as Chinese contemporary artists, we have a mission to 'KuangJing in colour on the sand flow stage, increase the world of Chinese contemporary art indeed comprehend, active dominating domestic exhibition room as a useless and Chinese civilization, is also eager to perhaps in' the art of Chinese and western civilization collision sparks of more bold."
China JingJiWang in Paris on February 19 (reporter Li Hongtao) on February 14, 2017, a five-day exhibition "art salon" open famous grand palais in Paris, has pressed for the citizens of Paris a culinary art spicy. Caused by my late father in the digital entrants also bid for the salon, in known as "the world of art" is a world-class art exhibition in Paris root, smooth add "color" China art market abroad.
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