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renminbi collection, oil painting except watch s also look at varieties (bottle) and appearance

After the first, second and third set of RMB from circulation, many ordinary citizens still have some more or less. As a result, many friends asked: "xx year ten yuan renminbi how much is it?"
Actually the renminbi collection, oil painting except watch s also look at varieties (bottle) and appearance. Such as face value in the third set of RMB 1 yuan, there are 16 species, letterpress or offset, the watermark or no watermark, is a watermark or antique COINS watermark, the Roman word is two or three, the Roman character and the Arabic numeral number is red or black... These nuances are decided to the price difference.
The yuan
The yuan
The first: the market value of nearly ten million
First set of the renminbi is now very scarce, most maturities are very rare, and only in a large auction find its trace, they asked a if I cannot get in 7 million.
The first set of renminbi issuing time is December 1, 1948, to stop the flow of time is on May 10, 1955. In the printing and distribution for a long time, the paper, watermark, printing process, memorization, crown word number, such as characteristics, have a lot of changes, so in terms of money collection has spawned a lot of different bottle.
The first set of RMB and a total of 12 kinds of value, 62 kinds of bottle, a total of 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan, 50000 yuan of 12 kinds of face value. And at the same time, each value is more than one pattern, among them 1 yuan coupon 2, 5 yuan four coupon 4, 20 yuan, 10 yuan 7 kinds of coupon 7, 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10, 200 yuan coupon of 5, 500 yuan 6 kinds custom oil painting of coupon 6, 5000 yuan, 1000 yuan, 5 kinds of coupon 4, 50000 yuan, 10000 yuan 2 kinds.
Second: the three treasures "Susan currency"
The second set of RMB issuing time is on March 1, 1955, stop the circulation time is on May 15, 1964. A total of 16 kinds of bottle. The second set of RMB denomination is divided into 11 types: 1, 2, 5 points, horn, 2, 1, 5 horn, $1, $2, 3 and 5 yuan, 10 yuan.
The second set of RMB market reference price is 400000 yuan. 1953 10 yuan, also known as "extended edition" ten yuan all product price is 200000 yuan. According to expert introduction, 3 yuan 1953 only rarely, a version is hard to get more, more is old, now a quite new version of the price is about 4 to 50000 yuan.
In addition, in 1953 5 yuan, with five star plus seagulls dual watermarking, only rarely, and now the price is around 20000. 5 yuan in 1956, there are two bottle is a hollow star watermark, the market price of 800 yuan. Another seagull watermark market price is up to 15000 yuan.
Third: five golden flowers
The third set of renminbi issue oil painting reproductions on April 20, 1962, stop the circulation time of July 1, 2000. There are 7 kinds of the third set of RMB denomination, including $1, $2, 5 yuan, 10 yuan four standard currency, horn, 2, 1, 5 horn three COINS.
Bordeaux in the third set of notes 1 Angle and back Angle of green 1 is known as the "king of coin in the third set of notes. 1962 edition, with hollow five-star watermark back Angle of green 1 coupons, the current market price of 40000; Hollow with the five-star bordeaux 1 Angle of the watermark, the entire appearance on the market for 3000 yuan.
In addition to the two golden flowers, there are another three products: in the third set of RMB 1960 version 2 yuan coupon, positive is "lathe worker production figure"; 1960 1 yuan coupon, pattern is "girl tractor hand"; 1960 $5 coupon, design is a "map" producing steel workers.
Set of 4: when the collection
In the fourth set of RMB circulation nearly 29 years after the released in 1987, the central bank in April 1, 1997 formally to stop issuing, Banks only accept don't pay, also automatically converted into the fifth set of RMB.
Analysis according to the insiders, although there is no clear the central bank's announcement announced a ban on the circulation in the fourth set of RMB, but according to previous practice, in the new and the old version of the mixed flow natural selection to replace the circulation of 8 years can be achieved.
Now, the fourth set of RMB has stopped issuing for 12 years, although has not forbidden to circulate, but currently on the market has been basically completed the old and the new value of the yuan to replace, the price began rising.
10 yuan in 1980, for example, the national character image is worth 13 yuan, 1980 yuan ticket price is $13, and relatively few 50 1980 yuan market has reached 2000 yuan, 1980 yuan in 100 four leaders anaglyph face value 1200 yuan also high.
In addition, people should pay attention to, even the number of money than the average price is more expensive. 1980 RMB 50, for example, if a single, all goods that the price is 2000 yuan; If one turns, i.e., sold 100 copies, the price is 2500 yuan each.
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