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the oil painting improvement of people material and cultural life level and the rapid development of the art market

In nearly a decade, with the oil painting improvement of people material and cultural life level and the rapid development of the art market, more and more workers started collecting art field. Collection is no longer as a rich man's game, as everyone pursuit of the freedom of spirit wealthy. And popularization of the collection, it also makes it easier to give priority to with art of all kinds of collectibles, gradually become after the stock, real estate and a major investment tools.
Public collection is, with the concept of professional collection should be relatively on collection categories, investment cost, is to distinguish between these two types of collection. In traditional view, professional collection is given priority to with jack collection, and the public collection is given priority to with small collection instead, such as stamps, COINS, ancient COINS, etc. However, with the continuous development of investment collection industry, public collection and professional collection in the collection category boundaries is becoming more and more blurred. The southern daily reporter specially combed the nine categories has the broadest audience collection, and listed some collection error, for readers reference.
1, calligraphy and painting
In the domestic art market, Chinese painting and calligraphy have firmly half jiangshan. If the oil painting, watercolor, prints and other emerging picture also calculate accounts for a bigger market share. This paper use the concept of "calligraphy" to refer to this section, don't want to single refers to Chinese painting and calligraphy and excluded the other types of painting.
The origin of calligraphy and painting can be traced back to the front of the burgeoning human civilization, all over the world, it can be called is the oldest art form. At home, calligraphy and oil painting reproductions is also the most into a way of artistic expression, thus has the most extensive collections. Even living in the gutter, the lowest income groups, they would in their own living a print of the calligraphy and painting is hanged to decorate the interior space, let oneself not only get the United States, and make strangers feel have a good taste.
Because the audience is widely, calligraphy and painting is also thought to be more a collection of investment value. Part of a line of artists, has been hailed as a hard currency in the market, has the very high liquidity.
"Myth" is the only see the title work level. Due to the artist's job title is not necessarily achieved according to its actual artistic attainments, combined with different conditions and environment for the artistic creation will bring direct impact, therefore, a piece of calligraphy and painting works of artistic value and is not proportional to the artist's job title. Two is that cheap goods is not good, the higher the price the higher value. Painting and calligraphy art price formation mechanism is very complex, both affected by itself and the title of the famous artist, and influenced by the awareness of the work itself and artistic value, but also will be affected by some artificial factors on the market. Only look at price regardless of aesthetic standards, are likely to be cheated in the deal. Three is to put the replicas as genuine. Fraud cost is extremely low in calligraphy and painting became the worst-hit areas of all kinds of fakes. Calligraphy and painting is currently one of the few can only rely on the vision identification method to distinguish true and false works of art, thus professional collectors are often buy a pseudograph.
2 ceramic
In the domestic market, types of ceramic custom oil painting is second to the calligraphy and painting. Ceramic status in China? Some scholars think ceramic that would become directly with Chinese cultural history delimit equal-sign, and even the meaning of the English word "China" is ceramic.
In China, made of ceramic artifacts and decorations in every household. Despite the recent one thousand two hundred years, many top of functional ceramic brand, was born in Europe and the United States. But in terms of art ceramics, China is still looking around the world. Ceramic and calligraphy and painting the biggest difference is that it can not only express artistic beauty, you can also make it have practical appliance, it is not practical display device, also can take in the hand, play very convenient storage and communication. Therefore also has extensive collection group in China.
"Myth" is the only see the title work level. This is similar to calligraphy and painting, different places is also subdivided into ceramic art ceramics and ceramics for daily use two kinds big. In fact, even if is referred to as works of art ceramics, most still counts as a handicraft, the actual art content is very low. Therefore, ceramics collection of professional threshold is very high, both the aesthetic threshold, and technical buy oil painting threshold. If you can replicate the ceramic, fame again big also won't have a high value. Second, only see appearance, don't ask, don't internal technical content. Chinese ceramics so that global, foreign called white gold, the main reason is that China's builders can through the combination of fire and the earth, can burn out jade jade-like stone embellish and moving objects in general. Crucially, China ceramics is pure mineral raw materials, rather than with color to coloring agent. Thus, a ceramic is precious, not only look at how it burned, more should ask how it is burnt.
3 jewelry and jade article
The standard jewelry and jade article is known as the rich man's wealth. Due to the scarcity of jewelry and jade article itself and beautiful sex, it is not only an ornament, but also can be directly equals wealth investment tools. Abroad, jewelry and jade article has always been a luxury goods list inside indispensable option.
Jewelry is divided into natural jade jewelry (natural gemstones, natural jade, natural organic gemstones) and artificial stone (artificial gem, gem, split gems, synthetic gems) : natural stone with diamond, ruby, sapphire, green cat's eye, the pillar, emerald green; Natural jade consists of hetian jade, jade, Huang Longyu, golden jade, agate, etc.; Natural stones are shoushan stone, field-yellow stone, qingtian stone, etc. And natural organic gemstones including amber, pearls, coral, jade, ivory, coal, etc.
"Myth" is a vulture, the better. The old saying is cloud, the finest diamond must be cut abrasive. But professional jewelry manufacturer, never for a move too much good material on hand and foot. The reason is that the finest materials often are sold, carved too much is not willing to give up. In turn, be craftsmen carved up fancy jewelry, is likely to be some defects of the material itself, often need to use carvings to hide. Second, the greater the bigger the better. In addition to diamonds, red sapphire single crystal mineral, other jade jewelry products, is not necessarily the bigger size is, the better. Such as jade, a full glass of bracelet, the price may be the sum of a cart ordinary jade products. 3 it is appearance as perfect as possible. For natural mineral, the more perfect, the more likely lurks a artificial baking danger such as colour or acid.
4 collectables - autograph
Antique originally refers to the ancients used all artifacts, is the cultural heritage of the ancestors left us and rare items, deposition with numerous historical, cultural, social information, such as ceramic, jewelry, jade, furniture. In this paper, the collectables - autograph antique as a single row of the more important variety, as a miscellaneous together. For public collectors, they think themselves all old stuff into the collection of cultural value view, many expressed more collection behavior is a kind of feelings and interests, as for the old, whether has the very high economic value, is not that important.
[error] s as long as possible. In terms of archaeological value, the older the better, of course. But in terms of investment collection, and the artistic quality of the antique itself, scarcity, integrity and reputation, etc., will directly affect the value of high and low. The second is recorded in the book of good. Antique collection books published review does not need to be professionally, also not professional institutions to provide authoritative review conclusion, therefore, as long as the rich collectors can own a look.tibetan collection pictures, published as a souvenir. Therefore, in order to have published for determining an antique authenticity, is not mature. 3 it is recommended by the celebrity. 4 it is not the best publicity. In turn, for some unknown of the so-called "national treasure" of cultural relics, must make spirit, an extremely first hit a big question mark, again slowly. Five is the device has no value. Who is to say that brokeback Venus has no value.

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