Sunday, February 26, 2017

Guess the industry reshuffle will be further intensified-oil painting world

Guess the industry reshuffle will be further intensified
Operators and investors over the past year, the art industry is the most intimate feelings, do business is not good, especially to witness some of the old business institutions gradually withdraw from the market, to hear a few years ago also ambition mighty speakers speculators, at brokeback after hemostasis, throw away the entity venues to light assets, their confidence has fallen to zero. The upstream of artists in the industry, some preliminary title go too fast, prices rise too quickly, the current prices are already back to qi qi is edging towards a rational market - most of the prototype price almost is "down". The main reason is that the speculative demand tumbled nearly two years, buyers groups of structural adjustment, reversed transmission with the whole industry shuffle again and again. In 2016, part of the industry began to assert that markets have been in the "shock" bottoming, however,oil painting from the point of view of the current level of market transactions, "at the bottom of the market", it seems, are still not very clear. From the second half of this Fan Ceng such as line a painter's main buyers are still in the vigorously support, sufficient to society. Predictably, 2017, the new force has not yet been "rolled up his sleeves" comes into play under the condition of flange, the industry reshuffle will worsen, actual market supply and demand will continue to be reversed transmission some return to rational equilibrium point.
Suppose two contemporary art will gradually expand in plate adjustment
Secondary market trading data are oil paintng reproductions reflected calendar year, the domestic art market plate structure is that the Chinese painting and calligraphy occupies half, porcelain miscellaneous times, painting and contemporary art again. Art business people know for a long time, the biggest problem is that the current domestic art market, works the homogeneity of too serious. Many people take it for granted that, art is a personality, therefore, the artist does not exist between the market competition. In fact, this is likely to be a kind of prejudice. Because to circulate on the market, most of them do not have unique artistic style, not only the theme is the same, technique of expression is the same. No innovation works of art, with general arts and crafts have why to distinguish? As the national aesthetic level and improving, that there is no art to speak of, on the subject thought vulgar vulgar, churning out works on art techniques, will certainly to speed up the rate of being eliminated by the market. Inside in the three plates, Chinese painting and calligraphy belong to the pure art, but the innovation is the weakest, and so on the market in 2017 are the biggest challenges. Porcelain and miscellaneous, most works belongs to the arts and crafts, only a small portion of work is created by artists can barely known as works of art, however, its itself in the form of a practical device and hands to play a more present, therefore, its demand will still be relatively stable.
Guess three art electricity for industry norms and technical updates
Domestic art electric business started early, actually has developed more than ten years in a play-off. However, due to the electric business platform common disease of "fake", a JiuZhi is invalid. Therefore, all made by taobao, jingdong such electricity giant launched art platform, development is not smooth. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and social media, the scale of domestic art electricity business has increased, but on the whole Internet industry, is not a success. This is art electricity is still only in operating mid-range art give priority to dozen of reasons. In 2017, art electricity is still one of the most desirable areas. After all, compared with the traditional offline trading, online management comprehensive cost is the lowest. In the last round of industry shuffling, exit the physical operation and that part of the personage inside course of study, perhaps 2017 will stay online looking for opportunities. With the update of industry standards and technology, I hope that art electrical contractor in the gathered popularity and resources, can have more.
Guess is expected to be restored to health after four article exchange consolidation
In 2016, domestic stock exchange has received the unprecedented rectification. Especially in the post card transactions in electronic trading business and the arts, "bidding qualification is not complete, just painting listing" chaos have been proper regulation, and some of the disguised "gambling" and "illegal fund-raising" have also been severely punished by law. National laws, regulations and policies, reversed transmission operators to back on track with this new market, from the past "savage growth" to be true for the whole industry has the responsibility to bear the management body. Believe in 2017, the subdivision industry will gradually change the non-standard operation mode, eliminating those speculative, detrimental to the healthy development of business, gradually establish a fair, just and open art trading rules and trading order, to regain the confidence of investors.

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