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Leonardo Da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens, almost no longer hard to find out in the painting masters in the creation and world view on the difference between two people

Leonardo Da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens, almost no longer hard to find out in the painting masters in the creation and world view on the difference between two people is so big, but they always have a lot of in common, such as they have great talent, are driven by fate to use a lot of time in any other business. The difference is that leonardo Da Vinci in the life most of the time used to study science, as the creator and a pioneer in the field of natural science leaving a trail of light. Leonardo Da Vinci did not spare time, in order to meet the quirks of grandees, invented for grand festival some weird, gadgets and pleasing to the eye, and sometimes even invented for the powerful new weapons of war. Rubens has devoted himself to diplomacy, consumption of their precious time to travel and travel, go to complete some delicate mission, the mission has not bring any special honor Rubens. It's the irony of fate.
Sketch: self-portrait, painter, leonardo Da Vinci
Sketch: self-portrait, painter, leonardo Da Vinci
Oil painting: self-portrait, painter: Rubens
Oil painting: self-portrait, painter: Rubens
It should be noted, however, leonardo Da Vinci a handful for our painting creation, while Rubens painting heritage is very rich, he painted at an alarming rate surprise contemporary National People's Congress for giant oil painting. Indeed, the creation of Rubens also got talented students and assistants to help. Leonardo Da Vinci, and Rubens, is not noble birth, their life, has always been European palace patricians tried to hide them, that they are always not so easy to endure contempt.
Involving the leonardo Da Vinci's life details, is always full of mystery of color. Painter leonardo Da Vinci's fate is not always logical, not always confined to the scope of what we used to, but the great Vinci village people, from his writing career at the beginning of the start, was impressed by any one of the researchers, who also didn't do it.
About leonardo Da Vinci, writes the contemporaries grow very beautiful, shapely, charm of face and moving. The glory of the Da Vinci that degree of excellent appearance can make each a sad heart become open and bright, leonardo Da Vinci's language can make anyone a stubborn said positive or negative attitude, his ability to make any kind of severe abnormal fever to calm down, leonardo Da Vinci can put a hoop on the wall with one hand or appears to be lead horseshoe ways, leonardo Da Vinci to live the most spirited horse gallop, his slender, white wax, just like a woman's finger in general can put gold break in half.
It's hard to imagine that farewell is more perfect, more ideal young man. Leonardo Da Vinci, beautiful, strong, intelligent, and beyond that was a great painter, and not so long ago very successfully proved to be the first batch of one of the giants of the first great city in Italy. True, a combination of strong and vibrant creative flair, is bound to bear rich fruit of works.
Might as well let's lead a little to see. Leonardo Da Vinci's life is not short, he has lived for 67 years, but until dying, very finely inquiry found that handwriting can be exactly sure for Da Vinci paintings of no more than 20, and many of them picture and portrait has not yet been completed.
Leonardo Da Vinci was a great explorer. His enthusiasm that rare performance in the exploration of extreme stress, also surprisingly broad in the field of his problem of research. In addition, the painter leonardo Da Vinci require themselves to various phenomena must be explored in anytime and anywhere, it is important to find out their initiation story. When humans awakened to the chaos of a long time from the middle ages, when facing so many problems and have not uncover the mysteries of. Leonardo Da Vinci is the earth one of the first batch of awakened from the dream, he is a brave and without compromise in the fight with the darkness.
With is painting masters Rubens is the world art history one of the most contradictory character extremely brilliant and he has a double character. Rubens is both an artist and a diplomat, is both a pragmatist, and visionary.
Rubens was born in Germany is far away from Flanders JiGen city, the whole childhood Rubens never seen her native country. It is said that the child is the shadow of their parents. Rubens's mother, maria don't links is Peggy's rolpa type the most faithful wife. She was from the brink of death betrayed her husband, this is by no means every daughter of eve can do. She put all of the mother to her beloved Rubens, raising and education in the foreign country other place of his son. She later with his meager resources for Rubens learning and a trip to Italy, so that the future of an artist to mature. Maria asked son, and conduct the first one, is to love life, and loyalty. When she left the room, prematurely dying failed to embrace his son Rubens, because he was influenced by the duke of mantua travel outside, before back to Antwerp to attend his mother's funeral.
Rubens's father, John Rubens was a lawyer, was born of the artisan families, uninhibited personality. He is easy to love, not the satisfaction. He and oren George prince William's wife of Saxony princess Anna romance is a tragedy. "Silence" prince William to debunk the defection behavior of his wife, will her lover to deliver the court trial. John was sentenced to death for adultery, wife maria saved his life. John Rubens bequeathed to his son is to spare no efforts to the pursuit of honor and dignitaries knot is yearning, and this kind of behavior often involves risks, not to mention associate with fickle court society leads to unnecessary.
Rubens very good face. His parents are ordinary people, there is no court exchanges necessary of noble birth, even with the aid of decorated with ancient heraldic emblem of shield logo cannot hide their humble origins. You might ask, why should the help of that? But our art masters Rubens unable to curb his vanity, Rubens in an attempt to make up for, according to his view in his origin of a major defect. Rubens spent most of the time to complete his master princess Isabella to his extremely dangerous on a secret mission.
Rubens life works very much, he a person can finish work is worth twenty or thirty men. And he himself also often feel complacent for your calibre. Rubens once said: "I have such a talent, custom oil painting from the amount of work and the quality of the content, no matter how hard the work, are passed to me." Rubens is fully qualified proudly and openly boast of their own ability.
In addition to being a painter, Rubens was a great diplomat, when you read biographies of Rubens data, you can discover, Rubens had frequent as envoys to the foreign country, while Rubens heavy diplomatic duties stranded, but he could also shoulder the heavy burden of real art activities. Rubens life gave people hundreds of work, so art the number of work, must will be as a model of the painter Rubens said.
However, as a painter, Rubens, like leonardo Da Vinci, is prescient master of art, a Portland, they had no one has ever seen on the gate "self" of the universe, we like and discover a new continent. Every audience after the discovery of new beauty, can be the lucky Columbus and vasco da gama... However, when you are in the world to appreciate beauty, don't forget to use words cannot describe the struggle, don't forget that as the basis of masterpieces of numerous large and small feat is difficult to detect.

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