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The difference between digital painting and traditional hand painted oil painting and how to distinguish?

The difference between the digital painting and traditional hand painted oil painting and how to distinguish?
What is a digital oil painting?
So-called digital painting, also called digital painting and coding painting or color piece, refers to the special process through advanced separation processing process the painting, design, picture, etc), and after more than ten working procedure and reduced the paintings processed into lines and digit symbol, can be a world famous paintings, can also be a scenic spots, animals, flowers and so on. Painting according to drawing instructions again, according to the different digital symbols and order on the drawing board to fill color, hand-painted products can be completed. These processes sounds profound, is very simple to operate. For example, a picture called "the fairy tale hut" is broken into 29 kinds of color, on the drawing board is full of images, the outline of the above, dense with a different number. Painting like fill in the blanks, don't need any skills, as long as the color of marked with "1" to "1" in the space, the color of the "2" with "2" in the space. If fill in the wrong color also it doesn't matter, because paint can cover to correct.
Digital paintings popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, leisure, decoration, gift and study functions in one, in addition to the whole process need to be focused and carefully, without any painting basis of people also can accomplish big oil painting, and enjoy the fun painting process. And upon completion of a painting, also simply don't see it is by the digital line drew out.
Digital paintings have very strong adornment sex, and the unique artistic charm, and she is not the simple sense of full filling, her charm is that everyone can use their own unique drawing method to complete the painting, the ways of the calligraphy makes every painting has its unique life, that is to say, each painting is unique and original works of art. A digital painting everyone can draw master to other works, everyone can enjoy art.
The difference between digital painting and traditional paintings
1, digital painting beautiful than traditional oil painting (digital painting unique style, adornment sex is very strong);
2, digital paintings more precious than traditional oil painting be worth collect carefully (myself work life);
3, digital oil painting is much cheaper than traditional oil painting (cheaper) than the general water production of oil painting.
4, digital painting interesting than traditional oil painting (buy the finished product is not as good as his painting a meaningful).
The difference between the digital painting and mechanism frameless paintings
1, digital painting interesting than frameless paintings (DIY digital painting, frameless frameless paintings of his painting).
2, digital painting than frameless painting durability (frameless paintings use density board, long easy be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation);
3, digital painting than frameless draw valuable (frameless paintings are machine prints very low value);
4, digital painting than frameless painted light (frameless painting heavy transportation cost is higher).
Digital painting and traditional children the difference color in painting
1, traditional children's coloring without gradient and level, unable to form complex realistic images, and the digital oil painting is can.
2, traditional children's color in painting is only suitable for children learning, cannot serve as home decoration hangs a picture, whereas digital oil painting can be a variety of purposes, home or hotel decoration gifts can be even;
3, the traditional function of color in painting no toning children every picture colour is not same personalization, and digital painting can color according to his be fond of;
4, traditional color in painting is only suitable for children under the age of seven children, while digital oil painting is suitable for all ages..
Compared to digital paintings and cross-stitch advantage
1, digital paintings more convenient than cross-stitch play together (without a grid, without registration, without mounting).
2, digital painting than cross-stitch more upscale, more artistic (after the completion of the works of exquisite real super rich, the quality of the canvas everybody);
3, digital painting is better than cross-stitch play (the feeling of his painting painting is not the same).
4, digital painting to operate quickly than cross-stitch cross-stitch (the same specification only one 5 of the time).
Digital canvas painting skills
1, start with the coating of light color, such as white, light yellow and so on. Because of the acrylic paint have coverage even if the wrong also just as well, can wait for the paint dry after dark cover modification.
2 it is recommended that coated twice, pigments, light color because of the bad cover black number can apply more times, but also repeat color paint dry. Pigment as far as possible some more thick, so that more have the effect of oil painting and try to keep consistent direction of strokes.
3, please note to do when the paint color of color, the color piece of black line coverage, ensure the authenticity of the custom oil painting.
4, acrylic paint, easy to dry, must cover the lid when not in use, to avoid paint finish. Water soluble acrylic paint, even if the paint can dry the water dissolved.

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