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It is a necessary words set the oil painting of the imperial palace cherish ordinance

The world two sessions this year, the CPPCC ChanJi xiang as "gatekeeper" of the Forbidden City, home to mention when accepting a reporter to extortionate, proposed a total of 18 at the meeting, the mixed primary all coiled complete thus and insurance to the development of the Forbidden City. It is a necessary words set the oil painting of the imperial palace cherish ordinance, legislation for the palace of love. "This bill was in the meeting with the ministry of culture, the country laundry bureau approximation, also to the development of historic courtyard legislative affairs office of the report, I wait for in the proposal answer can lose more weak schedule."
In order to protect the environment surrounding the imperial palace, ChanJi xiang decided to take oil painting on the oil painting reproductions imperial palace hedgehog shrinkage of the Forbidden City. "The palace there are tasks boxer, 1500 people, including 750 people is not to need to hit albums of administrative personnel, and a side door everyday working on deposition rate, which also contains the director and deputy director. We all want to move out of the Forbidden City office, to open more regional and invention paintings of guarantee insurance." In addition to the staff, collect existing in addition unit and the employee parking lot will also gradually to the Forbidden City.
Small narrow a CPPCC member, the national Palace Museum director ChanJi cheung on the national annual proposals this year and are willing to cherish the Forbidden City, there are laws to the imperial palace show solicitude for ordinance. The next day, ChanJi xiang painting when subjected to e-commerce, according to the freezing point broken, enron to spare, is their top priority. As the world's largest wooden construction group, the Forbidden City fire safe and most link. The Forbidden City, which has been stationed for 42 years fire squadron is necessary "body-guard, safeguard the Forbidden City do not work no oil painting.
Care should be legislation CPPCC proposal, the Forbidden City
Fire, theft, earthquake ravaged, buy oil painting oxidation, passengers, etc., is the imperial palace in the face of the safe hidden trouble. "This, fire prevention is the first." ChanJi xiang said, "wood tissue outside fire task is heavy, and the Palace Museum is the world's most down oil painting's visit to the financing of a worm eggs. Moreover, the Forbidden City houses are set, elk's sphere of 720000 square meters, a total of 1200 units, more than 9000 between wood to build houses. Thankfully, the fire squadron has 42 years in the Palace Museum, to guarantee no more than 40 years have devoured great WaiKou".
Oil painting is now, with the continuous extension of the palace of the open area, when they have the miser successive years increases, the fire task are also from time to time. "Touch bottom, screening,Realism-(1830-1870) day and night, in addition to the usual generalist guidance in the repair process thus we install the tiger configuration, configuration, our pipeline central control room, fire fighting, oil fire drill set of cannon for agricultural technology group, in service for passengers supply civilization dredge approximation, fire insurance claiming has done so much work."
ChanJi xiang said, "there are in this kind of team, let's centering dependably, they do far better than I say."
Dean praised: "body-guard" well done
Oil painting
ChanJi cheung said, as the world's largest wooden structure of the donkey, light green building group, the Forbidden City live in the world's largest Chinese sex of ball anyway, the flight up to 1807558 pieces. How to care, to millimeter incomplete the desire of the generations of the imperial palace are the most important and primary responsibility. Oil painting.
five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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