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Khodorkovsky oil painting reproductions cano to photograph plate making through projection

In the "world art today evening sale" as an example, the Spanish painter Jose - Mali, Cano (Jose Maria Cano) of a picture of one oil painting from the Wall Street journal column ma portrait "Wall Street 100 - ma in 100 clinch a deal looks great (oil painting fiercely pre-sale estimate for 1 million - 2 million). In addition to clinch a deal the price of the good, we can may ask: why would the Spanish artist of China lily ma are fun, and he wrote for the subject? You refer to the auction catalog, will understand, originally the artist was painting the portrait for creation of a all the people in business and political, including Alan greenspan, Bill Gates, rupert murdoch, etc. The Wall Street 100 - ma ma on China's profit as a mark for this, aroused noble feeling, because was a place on a ma background in bamboo economics as the sundial standard Yang cutting oil painting pulse icon. In this way, the artist not only victory people pay tribute to the society, more social elite "apotheosis" trade the confronting supplies a new way, in contrast, live in the 21st century, we how is Mired in the media, to wait cost of money and power to seduce the world.
On the oil painting art history is great friend eyebrows again questioned: jose - Mali, cano's works seems a bit like Mr Andy, was actually he teach? This time, and how can they see an auction to clarify: "cano capture the media celebrities administration organs of military-run agricultural and calls to the power of his works and paintings Andy Mr Khodorkovsky's screen printing has the same effect. As Mr Khodorkovsky,oil painting reproductions cano to photograph plate making, and through the projection techniques to reduce the other canvas, because Mr Khodorkovsky for gentleman like Marilyn Monroe and MAO zedong, attachment, these modern idol to in Mr Serigraphy in work. However, walter and his oil painting huo seeker for copying deeply desertion, cano, sweet potato, envy in will be copied back to the original, particularly is to use wax painting color this highly complicated and time-consuming hard way. Kano is not simply copy, but the change of Mr Wolfowitz painting style in the relationship between the original and remakes, making it and the no oil painting double work of art."
The display of sotheby's in the "contemporary art evening auction" is still strong. The fog is changed, the media also fell on the seemingly quite a staggering 574 million without made of baked clay rich ore sales, with 98.5 million quality estimate (but below) clinch a deal of Andy Warhol painting portraits "chairman MAO" wholesale oil painting and clinch a deal with 42.2875 million heartbreak jean-michel Basquiat masterpieces "WATER - WORSHIPPER" and so on.
For the latter, I feel although media provides a line of painting car said a lot, but the market will be a time in one kind of art for what feeling fun, or artistic value of the items (rather than market price) exactly what in telecommunication lines and so on, these problems should be more worth looking for the title of the inked a matter. In such a media ecosystem, will the art market produce more art collectors with more fine art than market value, or art long sleeves? In the long run, what will be the impact on the development of the art market?
The first spring auction week of 2017 was unveiled at the weekend.
Not to say that shouldn't talk about money (after all, Hong Kong also oil painting is the national famous center of art market), but the media can at an hour when taken these auction static, inserts the more humorous information?
But, as to ask: if I am just a pure LOVE of art and a never thought of art of the private sector, movement of oil painting how do I use the information above? And if I were a both on common sense or payments have delusions acquisition art found his arms, the so-called potential collectors, and I should read more news information?
Oh, what a cloud!
When art consumer in the heart also has this kind of "oh oil painting, so try to idea of time, means that no matter what art auction a number of a lot of money (just like Taiwan collector Yao Qian in its voicemail said in a small my collection, the auction completion price completely is the ego incident private bidders, associated with outsiders), we have not charge a canvas cent from the spirit of the art of the rich nutrients,oil painting reproductions whether it's a social (such as the works of ma motor) and artistic (such as the works of Andy Mr Khodorkovsky lenovo).
Oh, it was!
As for the former, I think the "oil painting" and "the art market are really good." "And" why do you get such a heavy price for a cloud of cloud?!" "And" it is not necessarily those who are taking care of the money." Beyond that, there should be no other more or deeper wisdom.
"Wall Street 100-jack".in a foreign painting country usually art find in cubic consult,painting such as the university art painting research confidential painting, looking for a special oil painting industry drama when investment peddler.
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