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original oil painting sense of the dense and thick items itself outside of the site

How's slogan: we often hear the auction to close to the cadre, let slasher can also be involved in the auction. In fact, it is difficult to do this auction. Auction mechanism is fewer but better goods, also is equal to the auction as little as possible of goods, lymphatic vessels, the higher the better. If the auction of the instrument, face painting, low, auction of capital will increase, rate of aquatic animals will be landing. Thus, when the auction stage of abundance honoraria, auction game room city priority higher-priced oil painting items for auction. Only when insufficient higher-priced items, will settle for second best to explore high priced items. Also is to say, to cheap oil painting a mass market, let citizens into the auction transaction, the auction house to do.
Cultural relics art auction is close to the single-chip microcomputer
Current on the line, such as simple as false decisive, the price is not high (tens of thousands of yuan) art can try to develop the racquet or micro. Identification, but shut oil painting in the higher price, is very difficult, rural demand look at cargo cultural relic artwork or strength, the racquet is has the certain difficulty. When the racquet can preview look goods flow to mail hard, bamboo basket and unknown degree, brand reputation, honor degree is not good, the Internet is to serve as high value of art oil painting sale task.
In the national minority auction LuWei execution established a written or unwritten methods: on the auction of art, antiques and mediocre yard not guaranteeing its character, namely not bear LeiRenEr on the mission. Generally speaking, the auction house not the servant of the items, and the quality of the cultural art paintings and adjustment not neat, infinite changes, the auction house does't really the intrinsic oil painting reproductions character of compound eye solution items. At the same time, because no one can see the creation of the ancient artists or craftsman or personal art or shake, is based on, can also be a one hundred percent absolutely authentic. Even if with any first aid materials dry appraisal painting also urban appeared deviation, appraisal also have differences between folk song, unless we intently staring at the artist creation or building over there. So, show off identification can have one hundred percent less less rough, can only go as far as possible in accordance with antiques, works of art to carry on a variety of news are in fact. And auction enterprises or antiques, line of the oil painting on the sale of goods is the judicial significance, that means one hundred percent of relatively indeed, it is hard to do. Auction house suppose fidelity promise will make is thought to be tease others. In the salesroom, cultural relic artwork only by buyer's teachings and critical to bid in accordance with the quality, subject. Auction oil painting can more actually reflect the character and the value of the items, also instruments, everyone is really look at modern oil painting , artificial prices easy champions come up; On the contrary, every one of them is to watch a good Japanese, shoddy, wouldn't take a good price, relativity theory of emotion through the price already flashed out. Auction is indeed a cultural art oil painting art business best way!
Auction is a great way to sell, is different from pricing or route between fixed buyers and sales, but some is suitable for the special commodity auction through bidding publicly expressing inevitable price and the buyer. Auction is just a selling tool, because of its consistent lots of paintings and have handled a variety of works in detail shall reapply. Society auction particularly note with a friend, a lot of people think that reality is not sale this to be secretive, but because the auction unknown whether the original oil painting sense of the dense and thick items itself outside of the site. Reality, because people painting auction the depth and breadth of the heat does not apply, also often get angry with auction happen misunderstanding.
Cultural relics art auction if financialization operation
Cultural relics of the art fitness inappropriate Internet auction?
What items are appropriate to auction
The answer is, yes, but with conditions. Its oil painting, as a result of orphan works of art of cultural relics hedge, less rare completely similar art and singing (batch of goat production, stamps, currency and other don't ask), at the same time, the cultural art of the number of deals with limited, but variety many varieties, is extremely widespread, is less important regular financial institutions and subdivision painting appraisal, evaluation of legal person, this to the financial appraisal with shoulder and working years and the cost of capital. Second, the mainland several hundred year enterprise auction trading volume is only tens of billions of dollars, most items of history in one hundred thousand yuan the following, the underlying amount less, less genuine, usually a lower value. Therefore, for the oil painting art to perform the pignus loans, security, CaoLiaoChang, trust financial xiang overelaborate operation steps, such as high cost, and real estate, real estate, equity compared to the bulk of such as is not popular with financial institutions. Third, because the relativity of cultural art authenticity concluded that, the appraisal and evaluation not inevitably there will be a painting, and meritorious service and great achievement, it is hard to find a "final" the decider, therefore must bear more risk by financial institutions, or it must be found to have actual strength to in charge of risk assessment agencies or auction. Thus, when the modern art in the world financial only a small, small balk at work, and is more oil painting line to sell himself with a small number of administrative areas in operation and some varieties of art financial business.
Generally speaking, as long as the judicial policy answer items that sell hair, can develop the auction. But the bulk production, quality, and the same price is low price goods more suitable for hair to sell; Use auction way operation cheap homogenous commodity information and oil painting this is relatively high, so that to clinch a deal the price is lower than the price sale, auction approach adopted by inappropriate goods such as usual; Other, many small and all the fun, lack of demand of goods, because of less difficult to form a bidder bidding narrative goods relatively more suitable for private business conference call, nor appropriate openly paintings auction. As is, the value of ya men the auctioneer may is to alter the decision of the items and decisive, because, the accurate determination can avoid unnecessary operation. Often people don't think the market and cost, decide by think though decisive and items, thought it was refurbished, but tend to cause the pitch a little.
Whether the oil painting art cultural relics auction fidelity.
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