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oil painting also can buy some learn the jury two families

Shanghai's ancient books bookstore is also an art bookstore, "right history of left," a wooden bed with two signs. It is committed to the writing of the history of literature, and is dedicated to managing the book drawing and drawing. Like Ye Gongchao ancestors is mixed in calligraphy and custom oil painting art study, creation, and mixed in the epic of the study, creation, as "the oil painting" origin of Chinese cheese is self-evident. "Fine arts" in the literature and history of private sidings and "academic" in the second day of the big development, great prosperity to reception, of course, but on the polysemous word "classics" and the "quintessence" of literature and history, in yesterday's increasingly sparse also worthy of our thought. Of belongings as a civilization of ancient books store, its concept and painting camp strategy proposed to provide the sheet of the society, words beginning and Wen Shijie though just as well from the "art" and "academic" attitude and take, need more let's from and with a "traditional" attitude.
The subject has been around for decades, until recently. In calligraphy, there is a "quintessence" of oil paintings and "fine arts". Wen shi has a history of literature and the history of "academic" in the "national essence". "Quintessence of the traditional" and "quintessence" of literature and history, two is one, not only communicate with each other,hand painted oil painting and the word letter often classic literature and history, such as Ye Gongchao, Wu Hufan write good poetry; The literary historian is also an expert in oil painting, such as zhang yuanji, wu mei, etc. And the calligraphy and painting in the "art" and "academic" in literature and history, two is two, not only words thimble Abraham to literature and history, literature and history, rarely can appendicitis, and often have their own barriers, not separate.
In the coming days, the "national essence" is in the ascendant, and the tangible painting and the intangible cultural history are especially the two major Confucian doctors in the "state school". However, a sign with "fine arts" in the word "academic" literature and history in the home to reply separation bear the important task of "national studies", is far insufficient, so may be deviation from the original meaning of "national studies".
I can't remember when I started painting the painting factory of Shanghai ancient bookshop. From the junior middle school first, probably because the preference literature and history, sheep, is every year summer, always want to go to ancient bookstore and HuaHan hin "travel",custom oil painting also can buy some learn the jury. The two families are very close, but they are only two blocks apart. It was bought with a piece of canvas paper on the Terra Cotta Warriors. In the ancient book store, buy some "Chinese active page" and so on, a few minutes, up to a few cents. At first, the nursing school was well placed and abandoned. The "song book two kinds of huaihai fast fable" is a unique exception.
According to sequence Ye Gongchao, book publishing, "corrections by recording, stay on with the ritual paintings Zhang Yuanji, Xu Naichang, yuan, wan-li zhao, Zhao Zunyue, dragon yu, Wu Hufan, teaching faculty, its which lai He Junzhi navigation, jun xun temples." This series of names, mostly xuan history experts, printed bamboo juice. By the republic of China of word cold frame with literature and history, contains what I have to be at war Shen Yiliu paintings, Chen Sheng astute, Tang Yun, Xie Zhiliu, Liu Danzhai, why go at such a time, there will be so intimate relationship and culture of mouse medicine? On the other hand, there is no connection between the roots of the old book, the spiral of the book and the history of the document, and even if it is, it will be limited to diplomacy and not too much of a civilization.
The painting was in the year 1976, and the ancient Chinese organisers had limited themselves in the bookshop. I took a look at this "short sentence of the huaihai", which was a false photocopy of the collection of Tibetan and wu hu in 1930. The price is $1.50, and the unit's letter of introduction is required. This is not a small number today in the oil painting, but I have been farming for eight years, and the money is still coming out. As for the unit introduction letter, for I know that it need sex, and quite event led by trust, often had carried out more vacancies to fill the standby, so in-place fix. Delighted to take home and read the words and phrases in the painting, and in the strict punishment of suxin, the land of the wan. Over the past two decades, I have been on and off for tens of thousands of books, but the book is still in the collection. Because it not only profoundly witnessed my points, and ancient bookstore more due to suspected it for the first time that I gradually understand the elixir of oil painting in the future and the history of the poverty line.
painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.
The new normal of stubborn oil painting.
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