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calligraphy and painting great famous known as jiangnan of guilin cloud

"Splendid flower valley" is a category of its own book is quite negative lung capacity, since the qing dynasty chi RuanYuan logic scholars have "book into a splendid flower valley, draw a picture tian long ba bu" verse. The price of "jinxiu valley" is that it keeps a small number of lost records. The "song dynasty painting has enveloped in paperback", will existing sicko saliva foam years to ShengJiWei lower limit, custom oil painting the good news and series of ease the cost of high rare on a par with it. Even apart from the book in the lesson and the demand of historical study, single in terms of cultural relics of the price, and so a fresh as new song board yumen texts, is beyond the amount of compound. Oil painting
"Cloud floor" for the king of qing jiangnan xie family private library of guggenheim, boasts beautiful Qian name since song dynasty and yuan dynasty notes, Jane, rare books, calligraphy and painting great famous, known as "jiangnan of guilin, cloud building preservation armor chiangnan". How about the books? There are more than 800 kinds of paintings, such as engraving and writing of ancient books and ancient books, Ming and qing dynasties, etc. Particularly is a few fine copy, old hand reached, for collectors usually never match, a small portion of the cuhk is said by famous artists, such as ancient pavilion MAO, the wang ChiBeiLin class, sun hill hall Scott, and li ju huang and so on. These manuscripts, or the painting of the shadow of the painting, or the fine copying, whatever is copied and copied, some of these days have become the only secrets of the dust.
Original "cloud floor collection" the secret is not, although have the 1990 s in nanjing library, but it is still from a secret room to another chamber, people not see really amused. A quarter and the rest of the oil painting, described as a cloud building part of ancient books of straw under the maintenance of the kuang, most in seven beds grand city tour, the disturb effect of the former as "whole".
Time has gone back four years to the fourth of June. Kuang shi spring night, Beijing's attention "oil painting clouds building library", through the course of eight rounds of heartbeat fast bidding, finally in the third sound "180 million tourists" auctioneer final bidding,oil painting reproductions combined with the artic calculated 216.2 million broth, broke into the desert of the applause, because people know that a new world of ancient books documentary was born. At the same time, the oil painting is also celebrated, celebrating jiangsu phoenix media group as the new cub.
In addition, the "overcloud" collection is full of good books. The book is a copy of the book of the Ming dynasty, and the book, "the book of ancient Chinese books and books," has only two copies of the book. The school is more expensive in the case of huang and qi zhu. Yuan huang anniversary two years (1313) dubbed film Hu Sishao school of zhouyi get confused wing pass three so one "for Goodyear Kui studying" little pile of hide "old, crucco ChuYin, remaining a national male Tibetan bibliographic description; The first engraving of a new painting of yi xue in the yuan dynasty (1341) was the first of its kind. The "yi xie ten rolls" by the Ming MAO dynasty was released by huang. In addition, there are some rare items such as the "anthology of xiangxi fan" and "the khitan national zhi" in qing dynasty.
In the collection of ancient books and books, the "cloud building" must be a painting of heavy ink.
The emperor was a great civilization
Most of the diet books have entered the library. "Cloud floor" collection of 3/4 is outcome of nanjing library,wholesale oil painting kuang shi spring debut in 2012, Beijing is a cloud of building library only a quarter, is also only paintings in private hands of socket level library: the injury situation at home and abroad, song edition "splendid flower valley" eighty volumes, led by 179, all of them, and nearly 1292 volumes of palm red ancient books, five of them have been constant greenhouse by cultural relics as conscience level cultural relics, and become a supplement synopsis said.
Overall and north jiangsu phoenix media painting collection building, both units to head to "cloud floor library" demoted civilization, therefore, a road to open for now auction helped the topic, can even inspired not state-owned institutes should enjoy priority purchasing right "big quest, outside the circle circle of the physical original niche ancient rare books will pull in the oil painting the private to the public.
Seven days later, it was predicted that the Tibetan book building of Peking University would take "pre-emptive right" to the library of the cloud building. But it is this kind of human evidence, and the whole collection of the phoenix media is taken away, and a "ruptured battle" of the ancient books is being held. For the duration of the oil painting, the people of the oil painting, and the people of the old age, are all in this robbery. At the end of the day, because of the collaboration between the nanjing library and the phoenix media, the state administration of cultural heritage ruled that it was "out of the south of the Yangtze river," and that it was back to the south.
Unrest to stir, but the books are secretly pleased: assume that the previous eccentric another some of the "oil painting uncle" means, then, ravage, but really appreciate the "rare" of ancient books. To know that they had never been magnified by clouds in the game hall lamp. What is more, this unprecedented and unheard-of good book has been the result of a war of good and bad, which has made the ancient books, which have been so cold and cold, have been accepted by more than one person.
What proof, "cloud floor library" lead a new wave of ancient rare books, the value of the ancient rare books which get promotion, and become a civilized community and as soon as possible. Kuang-kuang auction also passed this floating Ming, in order to be in the line of the first line auction company, set up its main oil painting civilization the inside hand brand.
A hundred and seventy-nine (one hundred and seventy-nine)
The song yuan yuan is a small number of the morning star, not many, the collecting world has always had the yellow fever of "inch of gold". This batch of "cloud floor" collection has a song time "splendid flower valley 80 volume oil paintings, yuan engraved" dynasty yu continued inscriptions wan Yan "how heavy the world unique copy, especially in the song dynasty parental ruan, the splendid flower valley have been prominent in CangShuJie, it is not only the most Tian Fu, should also be the biggest hidden process of collecting ground private complete song version of the book.
It can be said that the price of cultural relics and the cost of cruelty to the collection are not good. Ancient books edition and origin, in addition to the natural version of the price, regularly famous preservation, batch process in circulation, the school adopted daughter or beauty has some value to it, it's a collection of famous cloud floor with finger tip, YiHuBaiNuo, premium is also very abundant.
Oil painting
Face the greatest work thereby, kuang shi manifested that knows the meaning of a particular, took out the auction mothballed in the history of the promotion, not only for the news of the ancient books specially held a national scale, the development of network broadcast, also invited a lot thermostatic ancient world prestige citizens enjoy, is a mighty long after the city tour seven paintings all over the country. The live broadcast of the library of the library of the cloud building to promote the film, more to show the ability, permeated the humanics supersonic. The minister, a 12-minute television show, invited CCTV's documentary, which cost more than 100,000 yuan, and took two months to shoot in nanjing and gusu.
In the eyes of a collector, no matter how many years have passed, "over the cloud" is the most glittering one.
Yuan carved the dynasty name renewal inscriptions wan Yan "is a cosmology at home and abroad, after the late Ming dynasty deserves to ancient pavilion, MAO qing bowman's lack of knowledge pass hidden, Fu Zengxiang" hidden Gu Heyi bibliographic description and as a "unique copy". Oil painting this book was elected into the reengineering of Chinese rare books, the book compile the library at various levels and of precious rare books overseas, only two private collection is spending in the series, yuan carved the dynasty renew together inscriptions wan Yan "is one of them.
Therefore, no matter which shoe factory set out, "overcloud building" the oil painting is a capital "good".its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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