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Guess the industry reshuffle will be further intensified-oil painting world

Guess the industry reshuffle will be further intensified
Operators and investors over the past year, the art industry is the most intimate feelings, do business is not good, especially to witness some of the old business institutions gradually withdraw from the market, to hear a few years ago also ambition mighty speakers speculators, at brokeback after hemostasis, throw away the entity venues to light assets, their confidence has fallen to zero. The upstream of artists in the industry, some preliminary title go too fast, prices rise too quickly, the current prices are already back to qi qi is edging towards a rational market - most of the prototype price almost is "down". The main reason is that the speculative demand tumbled nearly two years, buyers groups of structural adjustment, reversed transmission with the whole industry shuffle again and again. In 2016, part of the industry began to assert that markets have been in the "shock" bottoming, however,oil painting from the point of view of the current level of market transactions, "at the bottom of the market", it seems, are still not very clear. From the second half of this Fan Ceng such as line a painter's main buyers are still in the vigorously support, sufficient to society. Predictably, 2017, the new force has not yet been "rolled up his sleeves" comes into play under the condition of flange, the industry reshuffle will worsen, actual market supply and demand will continue to be reversed transmission some return to rational equilibrium point.
Suppose two contemporary art will gradually expand in plate adjustment
Secondary market trading data are oil paintng reproductions reflected calendar year, the domestic art market plate structure is that the Chinese painting and calligraphy occupies half, porcelain miscellaneous times, painting and contemporary art again. Art business people know for a long time, the biggest problem is that the current domestic art market, works the homogeneity of too serious. Many people take it for granted that, art is a personality, therefore, the artist does not exist between the market competition. In fact, this is likely to be a kind of prejudice. Because to circulate on the market, most of them do not have unique artistic style, not only the theme is the same, technique of expression is the same. No innovation works of art, with general arts and crafts have why to distinguish? As the national aesthetic level and improving, that there is no art to speak of, on the subject thought vulgar vulgar, churning out works on art techniques, will certainly to speed up the rate of being eliminated by the market. Inside in the three plates, Chinese painting and calligraphy belong to the pure art, but the innovation is the weakest, and so on the market in 2017 are the biggest challenges. Porcelain and miscellaneous, most works belongs to the arts and crafts, only a small portion of work is created by artists can barely known as works of art, however, its itself in the form of a practical device and hands to play a more present, therefore, its demand will still be relatively stable.
Guess three art electricity for industry norms and technical updates
Domestic art electric business started early, actually has developed more than ten years in a play-off. However, due to the electric business platform common disease of "fake", a JiuZhi is invalid. Therefore, all made by taobao, jingdong such electricity giant launched art platform, development is not smooth. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and social media, the scale of domestic art electricity business has increased, but on the whole Internet industry, is not a success. This is art electricity is still only in operating mid-range art give priority to dozen of reasons. In 2017, art electricity is still one of the most desirable areas. After all, compared with the traditional offline trading, online management comprehensive cost is the lowest. In the last round of industry shuffling, exit the physical operation and that part of the personage inside course of study, perhaps 2017 will stay online looking for opportunities. With the update of industry standards and technology, I hope that art electrical contractor in the gathered popularity and resources, can have more.
Guess is expected to be restored to health after four article exchange consolidation
In 2016, domestic stock exchange has received the unprecedented rectification. Especially in the post card transactions in electronic trading business and the arts, "bidding qualification is not complete, just painting listing" chaos have been proper regulation, and some of the disguised "gambling" and "illegal fund-raising" have also been severely punished by law. National laws, regulations and policies, reversed transmission operators to back on track with this new market, from the past "savage growth" to be true for the whole industry has the responsibility to bear the management body. Believe in 2017, the subdivision industry will gradually change the non-standard operation mode, eliminating those speculative, detrimental to the healthy development of business, gradually establish a fair, just and open art trading rules and trading order, to regain the confidence of investors.

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Ceiling (refers to the hall ceiling) and dome (concave head) decorative arts, in the 16th to the 18th century

Ceiling (refers to the hall ceiling) and dome (concave head) decorative arts, in the 16th to the 18th century.
From the Renaissance to the classical era: frame decoration. Early Renaissance artists working for the Vatican, Michelangelo (Michel - Ange) in the Sistine chapel, the Raphael (Raphael) invented in loggia - both the ceiling frame painting, painting in the simulation scenario building background.
This kind of decorative painting, Fontainebleau, 16th century painting. Le Brun (Le Brun) at Versailles palace hall for the mirror, contain the style and classical style of French style decoration, especially affected the Anne barr, Karachi from 1597 to 1600 in Rome farnese palace farnese hall decoration.
Baroque and rococo style of painting style to realistically. From the late 15th century to the 16th century, northern Italy oil painting artists, puts forward the technique of expression of another image.
Mantegna (Andrea Mantegna) for the duke of mantua mansion couples bedroom adornment, clay hot (Correge) in Obama's three large adornment picture (Carmela di st Paul's cathedral, evangelists giovanni church, Obama's cathedral). Their bold innovation, create illusion, as the structure of the dome extends to the real sky, the sky is according to the characters of upward Angle of perspective drawing. This new attempt on the realistic open space, in the 17th century Italian baroque era reached the peak. At oil painting reproductions that time, some painters have created huge works, suddenly, the sky seems to be opened by decorative building real imaginary space. As Peter luo da cole toner (Pietro da Cortona) from 1633 to 1639 in Rome barr berry and palace, the godsworn Andre Pozzo (Andrea Pozzo) from 1691 to 1694 in Rome st. Joe church adornment picture. Picture the image that is full of flying, there are some flew painting out of the ceiling, join the image edge with marble powder shaping of painting.
The 18th century, giovanni, fulgencio batista, el polo inherited the tradition, but the style tend to be more soft, the figure is less, and almost all hold within the limited space.

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because the sketch and work with the white paint mold physique, has done on the background layer

Oil painting layer should as far as possible to use a method of painting. Only in this way can get the vivid feeling, because the sketch and work with the white paint mold physique, has done on the background layer, so can not constrained to show color effects. Resin containing fat light oil painting or increase in heavy oil of turpentine oil especially for Venice. Began with a transparent color of semi-dull first "thin coating" (frottie) is good, at least for each color with a bit of white pigment in order to avoid cracks, and then use a method of painting vividly painted with all kinds of color, will be completed or partially completed. Roman doria gallery with your picture on the venezuela's "Pope the northern x." portrait, is extremely excellent showing an example of this technique. Picture in opaque resin color seems to be drifting in the impression, colour is concise, thick solid color.
Oil painting "the Pope ino, x. the oil portrait, the painter: velazquez
Oil painting "the Pope ino, x. the portrait, the painter: velazquez
Clearly, completely with transparent painting color may be very bad, because the picture will lack of normal color has attractive characteristics. With transparent color should always be seen as a way to achieve a particular purpose, and should not be treated with transparent color as purpose.
Oil will be the base layer brushed again in the above picture, it is not advisable. Resin of high transparency and oil free characteristics, can produce better results.
Solvent such as bitter with turpentine or balsam oil to dissolve the base layer to the surface of the painting, then with a rag or brush, mixed form soft blending effect, this kind of practice is very harmful. This painting will quickly become dark or black is not surprising, because of some underlying have been harmed.
Covering layer (layer 1) at least far somewhat smoother than the background layer coating. Like poppy oil, flax seed oil, walnut oil even such as the fat can be used with resin light oil. According to the law of the ancient technology "thin" fat cover, cover with paint must be better than the base layer a little "fat" (oil).
On the background layer is very thick color should be scraped off, to what extent, depends on the characteristics of the work. Many artists in order to make the color hazy, used to scrape and scribble. Surface with grinding materials will be smooth like the above approach, is harmful to the surface adhesion force. Use alkali wash with water, and even is equally dangerous.
The foregoing content on a painting method, usually applies to cover illustration, especially in the final decisive naturally draw portion of light and dark, can make the painting vivid and fresh.
Preliminary sketches and body shaping the more the better, clear, covering the work more quickly, fresh and full. To repeat it again, as the final effect of the transparent color improper use will damage to the painting.
Keep in mind that should pay attention to in the first place with the light and shade mold physique. According to personal preference, this model may be varied. So it is possible that some painters like slightly inherent with white to carry bright color, and other artists may use light grey constitute his sketches, or green with a certain color, such as soil to draw sketch, etc. A lot of methods are available, as long as remember this basic principle: the underlying to light, and moderately present form, the upper is colour, and the enhancement of body shaping.
If the color too thick layer, and the effect can use overlapping strokes light grey (or contrasting colors, such as skin color in green) to improve the human body shape too similar processing can also be used to abate. Had better let brush vertical cross, because it can produce flat instead of stereoscopic effect. This part also fully dry before further coverage

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Leonardo Da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens, almost no longer hard to find out in the painting masters in the creation and world view on the difference between two people

Leonardo Da Vinci and Peter Paul Rubens, almost no longer hard to find out in the painting masters in the creation and world view on the difference between two people is so big, but they always have a lot of in common, such as they have great talent, are driven by fate to use a lot of time in any other business. The difference is that leonardo Da Vinci in the life most of the time used to study science, as the creator and a pioneer in the field of natural science leaving a trail of light. Leonardo Da Vinci did not spare time, in order to meet the quirks of grandees, invented for grand festival some weird, gadgets and pleasing to the eye, and sometimes even invented for the powerful new weapons of war. Rubens has devoted himself to diplomacy, consumption of their precious time to travel and travel, go to complete some delicate mission, the mission has not bring any special honor Rubens. It's the irony of fate.
Sketch: self-portrait, painter, leonardo Da Vinci
Sketch: self-portrait, painter, leonardo Da Vinci
Oil painting: self-portrait, painter: Rubens
Oil painting: self-portrait, painter: Rubens
It should be noted, however, leonardo Da Vinci a handful for our painting creation, while Rubens painting heritage is very rich, he painted at an alarming rate surprise contemporary National People's Congress for giant oil painting. Indeed, the creation of Rubens also got talented students and assistants to help. Leonardo Da Vinci, and Rubens, is not noble birth, their life, has always been European palace patricians tried to hide them, that they are always not so easy to endure contempt.
Involving the leonardo Da Vinci's life details, is always full of mystery of color. Painter leonardo Da Vinci's fate is not always logical, not always confined to the scope of what we used to, but the great Vinci village people, from his writing career at the beginning of the start, was impressed by any one of the researchers, who also didn't do it.
About leonardo Da Vinci, writes the contemporaries grow very beautiful, shapely, charm of face and moving. The glory of the Da Vinci that degree of excellent appearance can make each a sad heart become open and bright, leonardo Da Vinci's language can make anyone a stubborn said positive or negative attitude, his ability to make any kind of severe abnormal fever to calm down, leonardo Da Vinci can put a hoop on the wall with one hand or appears to be lead horseshoe ways, leonardo Da Vinci to live the most spirited horse gallop, his slender, white wax, just like a woman's finger in general can put gold break in half.
It's hard to imagine that farewell is more perfect, more ideal young man. Leonardo Da Vinci, beautiful, strong, intelligent, and beyond that was a great painter, and not so long ago very successfully proved to be the first batch of one of the giants of the first great city in Italy. True, a combination of strong and vibrant creative flair, is bound to bear rich fruit of works.
Might as well let's lead a little to see. Leonardo Da Vinci's life is not short, he has lived for 67 years, but until dying, very finely inquiry found that handwriting can be exactly sure for Da Vinci paintings of no more than 20, and many of them picture and portrait has not yet been completed.
Leonardo Da Vinci was a great explorer. His enthusiasm that rare performance in the exploration of extreme stress, also surprisingly broad in the field of his problem of research. In addition, the painter leonardo Da Vinci require themselves to various phenomena must be explored in anytime and anywhere, it is important to find out their initiation story. When humans awakened to the chaos of a long time from the middle ages, when facing so many problems and have not uncover the mysteries of. Leonardo Da Vinci is the earth one of the first batch of awakened from the dream, he is a brave and without compromise in the fight with the darkness.
With is painting masters Rubens is the world art history one of the most contradictory character extremely brilliant and he has a double character. Rubens is both an artist and a diplomat, is both a pragmatist, and visionary.
Rubens was born in Germany is far away from Flanders JiGen city, the whole childhood Rubens never seen her native country. It is said that the child is the shadow of their parents. Rubens's mother, maria don't links is Peggy's rolpa type the most faithful wife. She was from the brink of death betrayed her husband, this is by no means every daughter of eve can do. She put all of the mother to her beloved Rubens, raising and education in the foreign country other place of his son. She later with his meager resources for Rubens learning and a trip to Italy, so that the future of an artist to mature. Maria asked son, and conduct the first one, is to love life, and loyalty. When she left the room, prematurely dying failed to embrace his son Rubens, because he was influenced by the duke of mantua travel outside, before back to Antwerp to attend his mother's funeral.
Rubens's father, John Rubens was a lawyer, was born of the artisan families, uninhibited personality. He is easy to love, not the satisfaction. He and oren George prince William's wife of Saxony princess Anna romance is a tragedy. "Silence" prince William to debunk the defection behavior of his wife, will her lover to deliver the court trial. John was sentenced to death for adultery, wife maria saved his life. John Rubens bequeathed to his son is to spare no efforts to the pursuit of honor and dignitaries knot is yearning, and this kind of behavior often involves risks, not to mention associate with fickle court society leads to unnecessary.
Rubens very good face. His parents are ordinary people, there is no court exchanges necessary of noble birth, even with the aid of decorated with ancient heraldic emblem of shield logo cannot hide their humble origins. You might ask, why should the help of that? But our art masters Rubens unable to curb his vanity, Rubens in an attempt to make up for, according to his view in his origin of a major defect. Rubens spent most of the time to complete his master princess Isabella to his extremely dangerous on a secret mission.
Rubens life works very much, he a person can finish work is worth twenty or thirty men. And he himself also often feel complacent for your calibre. Rubens once said: "I have such a talent, custom oil painting from the amount of work and the quality of the content, no matter how hard the work, are passed to me." Rubens is fully qualified proudly and openly boast of their own ability.
In addition to being a painter, Rubens was a great diplomat, when you read biographies of Rubens data, you can discover, Rubens had frequent as envoys to the foreign country, while Rubens heavy diplomatic duties stranded, but he could also shoulder the heavy burden of real art activities. Rubens life gave people hundreds of work, so art the number of work, must will be as a model of the painter Rubens said.
However, as a painter, Rubens, like leonardo Da Vinci, is prescient master of art, a Portland, they had no one has ever seen on the gate "self" of the universe, we like and discover a new continent. Every audience after the discovery of new beauty, can be the lucky Columbus and vasco da gama... However, when you are in the world to appreciate beauty, don't forget to use words cannot describe the struggle, don't forget that as the basis of masterpieces of numerous large and small feat is difficult to detect.

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Before the invention of oil painting in the importance of European painting has experienced several stages

Before the invention of oil painting in the importance of European painting has experienced several stages
In the 30 s of this century, Mr Ba jin and Mr Zhu guangqian had amount to · fragrance strange is the last supper painting had an intense confrontation in the press. Mr Zhu guangqian says is painting, and Mr Ba jin said: "at that time there is no modern oil paints". The European painting was introduced into China has developed into the modern oil painting phase, as a result, many people often have a misunderstanding, think that western painting is painting.
Especially in the west in ancient Europe, painting is not never have. Real oil painting, but so far, 500 years of history, while Europe has experienced the ancient painting, wax painting, Mosaic, frescoes, dry painting, opera and jotham vera's painting and oil painting of the long history of the hybrid techniques. After the 16th century painting gradually mature in the modern sense. Since the ancient times the European paintings with animal glue and plant gum. The egg as a kind of fibrin glue, is widely used in ancient Greek and Roman times. The original color is through in the egg yolk egg with the increase of the sugar, honey and FIG juice viscosity. Ancient wax painting is mainly hot wax melting, call pigments with fire on the wall or on the board, multilayer overlapping, solidification can also blow grind after modification, the last also can fine polishing. Mosaic in the eastern Roman empire of Byzantium, is to use colored stone, pottery, enamel and glass assembled together, more used to decorate the church. Frescoes is with lime sand in advance to prepare a piece of metope, can finish painting at a time before the dust layer, dry shaded pigment infiltration of lime, forming a solid calcium carbonate surface after drying, to adhere to for a long time. Dry painting is on the floor of the mortar in dry color, in the 4th century to the 13th century that the middle ages, retained the mural is basically dry painting. The last supper is neither oil paintings, nor do murals, frescoes. Leonardo Da Vinci used a rubber emulsion mixed pigment with oil, its techniques are beginning in the 13th century prevails in Italian opera technique system. Tan vera's painting history in the west is a special and affect the broad picture. Later, while the oil painting, still with vera's material as the underlying shape, transparent method with canvas cover and dye.
Vera's is English
Tempera, comes from the ancient Italian, means "reconcile" "mixing", after referring to all consist of water-soluble, plastic pigment and binder in the painting, also often list for eggs and milk cementing agent of painting. Chinese opera "eggs" "Dan opera" and so on a variety of transliteration. According to use media translation "egg white powder painting" "egg white painting" "painting" protein "tempera" and so on. Opera is not only used the egg liquid and media and other materials used, therefore, is more appropriate.
Usually people a painter USES paint to identify all kinds of pictures, with pigment contained in the adhesive (medium) for pigment, namely the toner with oil is oil paints; Toner combines with gum Arabic is watercolor; Toner and plant gum or bone glue is combination of Chinese famous oil painting pigments; Toner is combined with wax crayon or colored pencils; Toner and emulsion and so on egg is vera's paint.
Temple the special properties of the opera is that it is a kind of emulsion binder, the emulsion is a kind of more water and opaque, emulsion mixture containing oil and water two ingredients, use egg yolk or more whole eggs for emulsifier, and then into the right amount of linseed oil and resin oil. In emulsion, oil molecules stably dispersed in water, a combination of these can be a powerful emulsion, described the water emulsion mixed pigments in the picture, can dry out after several seconds, with the passage of time conjunctiva, harden, tenacity and firm no longer was dissolved by water. European ancient painter to find and use the oil-wet hydrophilic emulsion, invented the vera's painting. In addition to the eggs jotham opera, there are water loading from rubber, casein opera, etc.
Vera's paint more water when thin such as watercolor, transparent and smooth; Less water is full composed for depicted. Vera's painting to be pleasing to the eye burnish of silks and satins, natural, soft is its characteristic. Due to the pigments can quick-drying, artists do not need to wait for, in the process of drawing can be painted in a row, defect is not like a watercolor shading produced water and moisture. Vera's painting is stable, strong and the most can keep the paint vividness, life is longer than other picture (including oil).
Use egg color painting can be traced back to ancient Greece and the middle ages, is the prototype of the opera. It is said that in the 13th century Florence painter horse eboue first opera techniques, the disciple giotto, perfected, then this technique popular in Italy, the Netherlands and Flanders and other countries and regions. The formation and development of oil painting, making it once were snubbed, contemporary artists in the study of classical paintings rediscovered its artistic value, and began to explore the performance of the broader space opera painting.

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The difference between digital painting and traditional hand painted oil painting and how to distinguish?

The difference between the digital painting and traditional hand painted oil painting and how to distinguish?
What is a digital oil painting?
So-called digital painting, also called digital painting and coding painting or color piece, refers to the special process through advanced separation processing process the painting, design, picture, etc), and after more than ten working procedure and reduced the paintings processed into lines and digit symbol, can be a world famous paintings, can also be a scenic spots, animals, flowers and so on. Painting according to drawing instructions again, according to the different digital symbols and order on the drawing board to fill color, hand-painted products can be completed. These processes sounds profound, is very simple to operate. For example, a picture called "the fairy tale hut" is broken into 29 kinds of color, on the drawing board is full of images, the outline of the above, dense with a different number. Painting like fill in the blanks, don't need any skills, as long as the color of marked with "1" to "1" in the space, the color of the "2" with "2" in the space. If fill in the wrong color also it doesn't matter, because paint can cover to correct.
Digital paintings popular in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, leisure, decoration, gift and study functions in one, in addition to the whole process need to be focused and carefully, without any painting basis of people also can accomplish big oil painting, and enjoy the fun painting process. And upon completion of a painting, also simply don't see it is by the digital line drew out.
Digital paintings have very strong adornment sex, and the unique artistic charm, and she is not the simple sense of full filling, her charm is that everyone can use their own unique drawing method to complete the painting, the ways of the calligraphy makes every painting has its unique life, that is to say, each painting is unique and original works of art. A digital painting everyone can draw master to other works, everyone can enjoy art.
The difference between digital painting and traditional paintings
1, digital painting beautiful than traditional oil painting (digital painting unique style, adornment sex is very strong);
2, digital paintings more precious than traditional oil painting be worth collect carefully (myself work life);
3, digital oil painting is much cheaper than traditional oil painting (cheaper) than the general water production of oil painting.
4, digital painting interesting than traditional oil painting (buy the finished product is not as good as his painting a meaningful).
The difference between the digital painting and mechanism frameless paintings
1, digital painting interesting than frameless paintings (DIY digital painting, frameless frameless paintings of his painting).
2, digital painting than frameless painting durability (frameless paintings use density board, long easy be affected with damp be affected with damp deformation);
3, digital painting than frameless draw valuable (frameless paintings are machine prints very low value);
4, digital painting than frameless painted light (frameless painting heavy transportation cost is higher).
Digital painting and traditional children the difference color in painting
1, traditional children's coloring without gradient and level, unable to form complex realistic images, and the digital oil painting is can.
2, traditional children's color in painting is only suitable for children learning, cannot serve as home decoration hangs a picture, whereas digital oil painting can be a variety of purposes, home or hotel decoration gifts can be even;
3, the traditional function of color in painting no toning children every picture colour is not same personalization, and digital painting can color according to his be fond of;
4, traditional color in painting is only suitable for children under the age of seven children, while digital oil painting is suitable for all ages..
Compared to digital paintings and cross-stitch advantage
1, digital paintings more convenient than cross-stitch play together (without a grid, without registration, without mounting).
2, digital painting than cross-stitch more upscale, more artistic (after the completion of the works of exquisite real super rich, the quality of the canvas everybody);
3, digital painting is better than cross-stitch play (the feeling of his painting painting is not the same).
4, digital painting to operate quickly than cross-stitch cross-stitch (the same specification only one 5 of the time).
Digital canvas painting skills
1, start with the coating of light color, such as white, light yellow and so on. Because of the acrylic paint have coverage even if the wrong also just as well, can wait for the paint dry after dark cover modification.
2 it is recommended that coated twice, pigments, light color because of the bad cover black number can apply more times, but also repeat color paint dry. Pigment as far as possible some more thick, so that more have the effect of oil painting and try to keep consistent direction of strokes.
3, please note to do when the paint color of color, the color piece of black line coverage, ensure the authenticity of the custom oil painting.
4, acrylic paint, easy to dry, must cover the lid when not in use, to avoid paint finish. Water soluble acrylic paint, even if the paint can dry the water dissolved.

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