Monday, June 5, 2017

Chinese buy oil painting lady and exquisite depth of the Chinese civilization

From the shang zhou to the lower, the birth of Chinese contemporary porcelain has been over 3,000 years. From the long walk of beauty, the end of the good and the bad is never stopped. From grass creation, growth, flourishing, to peak to peak, then slowly to decline, to decline and recover. The Chinese ancient China's all-around civilization of oil painting features and spiritual aesthetics are unique. It will match, seal carving, painting, picturing, applique, sculpture, pile plasticizing and so on, and the Chinese buy oil painting lady and exquisite depth of the Chinese civilization. The art of the brilliant fire of China's ancient magnet, which has made the world a block, has no amount of electricity. With its high cultural price and economic price, it attracts the masses of the Tibetan and the eye of heaven.
To sum up, we can make a statement. In today's society, there are many new bubbles and new problems. In the conclusion of the ancient China, it is impossible to stick to the rule, only by the ability of the eye to judge the hard work, must be in the oil painting. Some people in the society believe that, in the case of the ancient magnet, the "buyer's peace" must be brought to the technology to determine the poisoned wine. It is the social consensus, which consists of scientific and technological instruments to detect the law of the bridegroom, and the public opinion of the crude workers, to realize the "centralize". This is to improve business painting pay rate of old China link, and then open the ancient porcelain pawn and FanYan mortgage so that the withdrawal of ancient China demand of excellent information and produce the order.
There is no denying that, in the case of the ancient magnet, the kiln was absolutely "recognized". Kiln on this is because, people have more brand and use the marks, painting or even the "eye" around the world, but no economic cost and value factors, artificial imperial wares is the first choice for investment and collection.
In the case of the antiquities, the ancient porcelain was only used for the people. One of the best of all oil portrait is the ancient porcelain, most of which is in the body transcribed by the official military. However, the folk cooking is for the people's kiln porcelain, a small piece of this is also the money of the age, the name, the public nuisance and so on. Is, by means of general diagonal or outsiders to experience, only from the ancient China have their own MingKuan characteristics, can have the feeling of a painting the first. To be sure, there is a lot of money to buy and a lot of determination and dissection. From ancient to present, the past years have passed, and now the judgment of the ancient magnet is still in the stage of the "eye test". The priority is still the policy implements painters, ceramics, glaze, oil painting, decorative design with fetal bone, national army, and so on carries on the analysis of consideration and review, not even with the help of narrow mirror, etc, even carries on the observation and review glaze bubbles and decorative pattern, to have a root end or destined to arbitrary. Of course, the father of the unit and the community has the same expertise.
Besides oil painting, Chinese ancient porcelain was made to make a long, long, rich, and very rich, rich and complete variety. The amount of civilization involved is particularly large. It is no exaggeration to say that anyone who has tested for years or spent a lifetime of lifelong oil portrait undoing will have a sense of "unlimited learning". The consolation is that the oil painting, a group of middle-aged and young dissection competitors is growing, but lacks the recognition and the secondary sex of the cold shiver.
However, the "gaunten-tone" of the official kiln magnet is simple! A person who has a talent for judgment doesn't mean to tell a lie. Second, the ancient porcelain civilization is profound and profound, the oil painting judgement is unavoidable will be restricted by common sense. 3, the predictors' mentality. 4, the level title of the auction or the release institution. The readability of "spoiler".Sandro Botticelli A small amount of public service in society can be seen as a form of ancient porcelain, which is confusing to the willow or the young woman.
In an oil painting, the talent is strong and the auction house is lucky, most hire the staff member that has the professional shop or the school song is strong the staff team. Private buyers have been sent to and from their friends, some with art advisers. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a private or unit that is not knowledgeable and has no other people's presence.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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