Monday, April 18, 2016

You must pay attention to these things to study painting

You must pay attention to these things to study painting
Frame: professional painter will choose (usually linen) nail canvas stretched on wood, nail cannot too tight, want to leave some room for elastic cloth, of course also cannot too loose, otherwise the paint will be easy to fold.
Canvas: the start oil paintings can need not his stretched canvas, the ready-made cloth box, tense but the box foundation is not you want to processing, evenly apply several layers of white glue, do remember to polish, and then to buy oil painting base layer of the tu a 2 to 3, also remember to burnish, don't go overboard with coarse sand paper.

Paints and solvents: you can buy oil paints, usually buy a complete set, single gal tube white, white is fee. With paint, must buy turpentine oil, turpentine is used for paint and rinse, brush palette, so want to buy some more, can buy a big glass bottles used to hold, poured out some small in a plastic bottle, along with it. This is a volatile substances, so attention should be paid to seal when saving.
Originally drafted, or can use a pencil, you can also use the transparent color, mostly brown and the color of the group of green it won't turn up (like red and purple color dyeing force is too strong to originally drafted will have to come out in the future, so be careful when use)
Painting after treatment: with the rest of the paint can be put in small plastic bottle, turpentine on drop point, cover save. Palette with turpentine to wipe, clean after mixed color, not easy for tao pen, use turpentine oil bubble, the color off after some with water only can, or to take toilet paper pressure erase.

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